• Silicone rubber product manufacture & tooling
    Liquid / Solid silicone rubber injection molding & tooling.
    Liquid / Solid silicone rubber multi-color molding & tooling.
    Combination of different materials molding & tooling.
    Solid silicone rubber thermoforming & tooling.
    Solid silicone rubber transfer molding & tooling.
  • Plastic product manufacture
    According different demands of industries, it allocates plastic material with appropriate properties, including ABS、PP、PE、POM、PA、PBT、PCTG and so on OEM、ODM parts.
  • Surface treatment
    Print:Flat screen print, pad print. (monochrome/double-color print.)
    Laser engraving:Surface has permanent notch by high energy laser, not effect surface pollution.
    Transfer printing:Heat transfer printing.
    UV ozone treatment:The photochemical reaction was occurred on sample surface by special way, it lets silicone rubber product have a layer of smooth surface, more safety and less pollution for environment compared to commercial goods heavily used by handle paint.
  • Product assembling & packing
    Vacuum hood
    Assembling, testing, packing
    Ultrasound, automatic sealing machine, automatic point machine, shrink film machine, blister heat sealer,simple hand press table and test machine.